What do I look for on visiting Indian Print World?
At the Indian Print World as a reader you will find the details about books, publishers, upcoming events spanning over several Indian languages from different regions in India. You can view information about books by author, title, subject, date, language and publisher. Upon registration, which is free, you will be entitled to email subscription, and thereby you can interact with publishers on this site as well.
       At the Indian Print World as a publisher you can upload your books/magazine information with relevant keywords. By which entire reading community can search your publication online and this will help to generate more sales for your book/magazine. 

Do I need to register?
It is optional. However, registration is free and you can avail yourself of timely updates, posting comments and communicate with publishers.

How to register?
For registration click on this link. You will be asked to provide your email address which is a basis for further communication and your password will be sent to the same email address. Select your role either as a reader or publisher during registration. If you are a publisher, upon registering you will get facility to upload your book/s, magazines and information about upcoming publications on Indian Print World. See snapshot below for relevant details:

I don't recollect my password, what should I do?
Follow this link and provide your user-name or email address. You will get new password on your registered email address after due verification.

How to type in languages other than English?
On the left panel, you will find a utility to select the language for typing. You can switch between English and selected language by this utility or by pressing Ctrl and \ keys. This utility provides you with phonetic keyboard by default.  Alternatively, Inscript keyboard facility can be evoked by this link

How to search books?
Go to Advanced Search link provided in the top panel. That allows you to search in different combinations. Alternatively, you can type the text in the search box provided at top-right most corner and search in general on Indian Print world.

What is the benefit for reader?
Reader can search, navigate, subscribe to mails, write to publishers, read book information and post comments, write mails to other registered readers on this site.

What is the benefit for publisher?
Publisher can upload the book information with front cover, blurb matter, upload magazine details, inform about upcoming book/magazine and other publications. All features that are associated with regular reader's role are also available.

How to upload a book?
See the snapshot below for sample upload procedure. Before you start uploading
Step 1: Scan the front cover page of your publication and save it as a .JPG / .GIF/.PNG
Step 2: Scan back cover of book containing information about book, author etc (blurb matter) for ref  http://www.indianprintworld.com/?q=node/31
Step 3: Log in with user ID and then click on create content
Step 4: Click on book info (for uploading book information)
Step 5: Fill the information about book and upload front and back cover of book.
The Illustrative information is given in red color for your guidance

Where can I post/read comments?
Once you log in with your username, you will find post/read comment link with each book content. Follow this link and submit your comments.

How do I tell about this site to my friends?
Login and use the feature "tell a friend" to inform about this site to your friends.

Where can I see books uploaded in past?
On first page, you will find calendar and the Monthly Archive list. This will help you to locate the books that are submitted in the past.

How can I contact publisher?
With each book, you will find a link to publishers profile. On Publishers profile, and on original book content you will find a link to write to publisher. Follow this link for communication.

Can I send and receive private messages on Indian Print World?
Yes you can. We provide inbox to each registered user. You can send and receive private messages to/from registered users of this site.

Why we require Key words for uploading book/magazine information?
Keywords provided during content generation help readers.  Moreover the standard search engines pick up the keywords and categorize the data to enable the global search which is a tremendous benefit.

If my book is not having blurb matter...
We recommend to provide blurb matter which is mandatory. If you don't have any, please generate it and save as a image file ( say file name.jpg format).

If back cover page/blurb matter is not clear for reading purpose...
We recommend to get the blurb matter on the white background and save as a image file ( say file name.jpg format).

I can't upload image for a book, what could be the reason?
If you are not registered with the role of publisher then you are not allowed to upload any book information. Also make sure that your browser does not disable javascript.

What is the image size that I can upload?
You can upload the jpg, gif, bmp, png image with size not more than 4096 KBytes.

Why don't I see my book online?
While you create the book information, don't forget to press the submit button.  Indian Print world reserves the right to withhold the content in case of mis-use. This may also lead to the situation where particular book cannot be seen on the site.  For details click disclaimer.

Whom should I contact for content related and technical issues?
Please visit Contact Us.

Who owns the information on this site?
The information uploaded on this site is not owned by the Indian Print World. Publishers and readers are responsible for any information that they post on this site. Please read Disclaimer for more details.

Will my personal information be available publicly?
During the course of registration you are asked to provide some personal information. This information is used by Indian Print World for creating the user-base required for future communication. Not all of the information is mandatory. Please read the disclaimer that is provided during registration for more details.

Can I modify my personal information?
Upon logging in, navigate to link "My account" and you will find options to change your personal information and password.

How do I terminate my registration?
Request site administrator via Private message to terminate or temporary block your user account.